About WOOP

We exist to create and develop premium leather goods and set up to provide excellent products and services to people and businesses around the globe that appreciate innovative design and the refinement of detail work.

About Our Passion for Leather

We take leather crafting to the next level. Our passion for custom made leather products has certified us for over 15 years as professionals in the leather, microfiber, and fabric processing industry.

Our brand has developed over time as part of the Albares Leather Company, from Iasi, Romania, an European Union member country. Currently, our company is comprised of 100% private Romanian capital and we operate on the international leather processing market to the highest quality standards.

We are a reliable partner for all companies that wish to implement successful projects, either through the development of limited edition items or through mass production of goods.

Our qualified personnel, with versatile skills and unique know-how, have the ability to understand each client’s requirements and to provide technical support that is tailored to any need.

Our services address a wide variety of industries, including fashion, pharmaceutical, electrotechnical, automotive or production of consumer goods.

We are specialized in a series of leather, microfibers, and fabric processing techniques, such as: plastic injection, laser cutting, high-frequency welding, stamping, punching, 3D embossing and provide custom product design services, including the production of custom molds, made accordingly to the client’s needs. We also make a series of leather products, under our White Label Program, for substantial orders, thus fulfilling any requirements that a business may have.

The fine attention to details, the technology that we use and our experience acquired over time give us the unique ability to develop high-quality bespoke products, aligned to the strictest demands. Our partners will always benefit from complete, turnkey solutions for implementing their ideas. In this endeavor, our WOOP specialists permanently focus on delivering an impeccable result. This is the policy we will always promote.


We take your ideas and turn them into ready-for-market products.

Design & Development Process

''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude''
- Ralph Marston

We appreciate the unique beauty of natural leather, crafted with mastery and fine attention to detail. We believe that constant improvement, alongside adopting the latest technologies, are the main attributes on our road to success. And, together with our partners, we grow sustainably and develop mutually beneficial relationships, where providing quality is our ultimate goal.

Through passion, determination, and professionalism we raise the processing of leather to the rank of craftsmanship.