Seamless Technology

A cutting edge technology in the field of fabric processing and printing is high frequency welding, a procedure that allows marking by pressure and radio-frequency.


The procedure consists in the creation of electromagnetic waves that pass through the area between the mold, material and working table. These waves make the material particles oscillate, being heated up to their melting point. The combination of heat and pressure makes the weld take the form of the mold.

Our unique fabric processing capabilities, using high frequency welding, reach an industrial level due to the 7 processing machines, with working surfaces of up to 1000×1000 mm or 400×1500 mm, some of them with double working tables (for optimized production times) and welding powers of up to 20kW.

Applications & Examples

Unlike mechanized processing procedures, the results show superior quality, higher precision and increased embossing durability. The applications of this technology are basically infinite, from the application of seamless logos or adhesives, 3D embossing, the creation of patterns such as false seams, texts, pictograms or illustrations etc.

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