Precision cutting technology

Imagine the boldest shapes coming to life using our engraving and laser cutting service for leather, microfiber and textiles. We can offer cost-efficient production and processing solutions for fields that require a high level of styling, such as Fashion and Automotive.

The laser cutting & engraving service is well integrated in our range of production processes and offers a competitive edge to clients who wish to develop a turnkey product calling on a single trustworthy supplier.


Laser cutting is a contactless process between the laser cutter and the material, which allows precision cutting for various shapes without material deformation. Such processing can be, under certain conditions, more efficient and cheaper than knife cutting, especially for limited series or during the designing and prototyping process for a new product.

In addition, an advantage offered by this technology is raw material saving. Optimization is ensured by computerized material cutouts, as well as by constant cutting precision, regardless of the complexity of contours.

As cutting and engraving solutions we offer galvanometric laser machines with a working surface area of 500×500 mm as well as extremely efficient plotters, with working surface areas of 900×1400 mm, mainly for the processing of plane and flexible materials, such as leather or textiles, on a larger surface in view of performing intricate shapes and cutouts.

The machines used in our manufacturing processes have powers from 130 to 250 W and through this computerized process we offer fine finished products, eliminating certain potential problems, such as edging, thanks to the thermal insulation.

Applications & Examples

Finished products and implementation possibilities of various types of design are almost limitless when it comes to computerized laser cutting technology. Thus, whether we are talking about cutouts and etching on surfaces of several centimeters or small product finishing, we can create inscriptions, logos, high-detail patterns, as well as simultaneous etching and cutting of materials.

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