Bringing aesthetics to the surface

Our experience and cutting edge technology have enriched our expertise, honing our production processes dedicated to leather and microfiber punching, cutting, embossing and stamping. Making us capable of implementing any design idea in order to create a finished product for mass production.


Automated and mechanized punching procedures, large scale embossing and stamping are activities our company has specialized in along the years.

All these operations are carried out by means of molds, on a plane material of moderate hardness which, at high temperature or under the pressure of the mold, takes its shape or is punched according to the mold knives.

Thus, we make cold embossing or foil stamping (in various colors). Furthermore, the same technology is used to make various types of patterns or punches, especially in leather or leather substitutes.


For fabric processing we use pneumatic or hydraulic machines, with pressing powers of up to 250t and we can perform various 3D embossing techniques using additional materials, such as thermoplastic, polyurethane foam or silicone, depending on the desired final effect and on the hardness or elasticity of the materials used.

Our machines allow the production of these patterns, with molds of up to 1000×1000 mm in surface, including for 3D molds.

Embossing molds or cutting knives are designed and manufactured according to the project’s demands with the help of our Product Design Department, or they can be chosen from the existing stamps, molds and knives portfolio, in various sizes and models.

In addition, another extremely popular procedure for material processing and providing extra value in the fashion industry is that of metallic application, by stapling. This procedure is carried out by applying special presses to clamp accessories such as eyelets, studs or stones, in a large variety of models and shapes.

Examples & Applications

Punching, embossing and stamping are processing techniques that confer extra value to the fabric, either under the form of embossed models and patterns or of customizing materials with inscriptions and logos.

We have a vast experience in processing materials for the fashion industry, such as shoes, leather goods (bags, belts, wallets, etc.), clothing (leather jackets, leather labels) or for the automotive industry (leather upholstery, leather substitutes or microfiber).

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