Endless possibilities through thermoplastic

WOOP Leather provides state of the art technological solutions in the field of injection production and processing of plastic parts and materials.

This branch of activity increases our versatility and completes our range of services so that our partners can benefit from complete, turnkey solutions to implement any idea, be it related to the automotive industry, fashion or household appliances.


WOOP Leather offers an extremely flexible and malleable production process to meet a large array of demands. Thus, plastic production and, in particular, plastic injection molding is performed in our factory by following a series of steps that depend on the client’s needs and objectives:

The process always starts from an idea. We can develop the concept together, using our 3D design and modeling service or we can start from the client’s precise specifications; in either case, the design stage is of paramount importance in determining production time and costs. It is a stage where our experience and expertise really make a difference in providing the best implementation solutions for the production stage.

Requirements come or are determined under the form of a project, a 3D model or 2D drawings and drafts. At this stage, an important step is the mold filling simulation (CAE), which is performed using finite elements analysis, the database providing a large variety of materials to simulate the final form injection. This step ensures the optimum operation of the molds, even before the first real testing.

An optional, yet important step in the creation of complex projects is that of designing and executing a prototype mold, at a smaller scale or of a lower complexity for the production of a small batch of products that can be subject to tests and possible corrections.

We design special molds and forms thanks to our Precision Mechanics Department, either at the client’s request, to be purchased and used in their own process lines or to be used in our internal technological process, for the delivery of the finite product. Furthermore, our activity is flexible and we can work with the client’s molds.

Once a functional mold has been developed and tested, we follow the steps of mass production, by injecting parts of thermoplastic materials.


Due to our modern technological facilities (four injection molding machines with different capacities and technical specifications), our factory’s production capacity is extremely versatile, providing solutions both for clients who wish to develop limited series of products and for those who plan to mass produce.

We use high-performance injection equipment, NPM Multipower Hybrid machines, with varied technical features:

  • Injection volumes of 154 up to 370 cm3
  • Maximum opening strokes of 600 – 920 mm
  • Sizes of mold platens of: 410x370mm, 370×300 mm, 460×430 mm and 250×385 mm
  • And clamping forces of 490 up to 1500 kn.

Our plastic injection service is used to complement our services of leather, microfiber and textile processing, where the level of detail and accuracy is crucial in the development of premium products.

Industries served

Our 15 years plus experience in plastic injection molding provides extra value to our clients who are looking for turnkey solutions, regardless of the field of activity.

Thus, our company has developed a varied range of products and parts for the:

  • fashion
  • automotive
  • electrotechnical
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • and, in general, for the production on large scale of high-quality consumer goods.

Product examples

Our plastic injection molding service allows the production of an extremely complex and diverse range of items, which craftly combine the versatility of plastic with materials such as leather, microfiber and textiles: phone cases and covers, packaging of various shapes and sizes for fragile objects, stands for showcases (for jewelry, accessories, shoes), volumetric injections on leather and textile materials, such as inscriptions, logos or symbols (for shoes, jeans, car upholstery or other leather and textile accessories), etc.

Want to build your own product?

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