Knowledge & Creativity in Product Development

Anything we’d like to manufacture or build starts from the design! To be efficient, marketable and profitable, a product needs to be carefully designed and developed. Thus, in any collaboration, we start from a project for the development of the production molds, be it plastic, leather or textile processing.


Our company offers the Design and 3D Modeling service mainly for clients with new product ideas, but not only. We can develop a project based on certain specific set of requirements or we can develop and design projects starting from scratch, to deliver top quality products at the highest standards.

During our design process, we collaborate with the client to determine the technical, functional and esthetic goals of the future product. We start with 2D and 3D project drawings and we may even build prototype molds. It is also during this stage that we determine the optimum materials to make the molds or the finite product.

Due to the diversity of our equipment and technological capabilities, we have a competitive edge and can provide our clients with multiple production solutions, depending on costs, level of detail or the intended production volume.


In view of developing and mass producing various types of products, our technicians use 2D and 3D modeling software, such as AutoCad and CorelDraw and CAD-CAM design media, such as Esprit, Delcam, PowerShape and PowerMill.

In the design stage we determine the optimum production solutions as well, so that a large part of the tools and instruments used in the process are designed and executed by our technicians, using our own equipment (find out more about the Precision Mechanics Services).

Want to build your own product?

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