Engineering Bespoke Quality Products

Our precision mechanics services play a significant part in our design and production system, allowing us to precisely craft the parts, molds and knives required for the development of a final product.

The technology made available for our clients allows us to carry out the most complex projects, such as injection molds or molds and knifes for stamping and punching. Our precision mechanics department can execute a wide range of custom made parts, with that high level of detail required for high-quality products.


To obtain the final leather product we design, we make a prototype mold, we test its viability and, if necessary, manufacture samples for testing in order to reach the ideal finished product, which undergoes strict quality control procedures.

For the manufacturing of molds we use commercial tools of the highest quality, while for special operations we develop our own carbon steel and HSS tools, using our six axes IdealPro Tool Manufacturing Center.

We make molds using steel, aluminum or brass alloys, depending on the use of the parts in the production process or on the required life cycle for that specific part. In the production of cutting knives, the materials used (special steels) undergo various special thermal treatments to improve their durability.


To prepare the materials we use grinding and fine blasting machines which prove to be extremely useful in processing knives, injection molds, cleaning materials or in obtaining various textures. Thus, the molds and knives are precisely manufactured due to our machines which reach a correction accuracy of up to 0.006 microns.

For the highest finishing level we use FANUC ROBO DRILL CNC Processing and Milling Centers, with NANO Smoothing and Al Contour Control functions, which allow us to manufacture high-quality parts, with surfaces finished at the slightest detail.

In the cutting process we use FANUC ROBO CUT, which relies on Electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology, allowing us to manufacture parts with extreme precision, the size of the wire being of just 0.12 mm.

Moreover, we own a 3-axis Precision Cutting Center, with a working surface area of 2000×1200 mm, reaching a working speed of 35000 rpm that allows the production of large molds, at a high level of precision.

End Products

We make molds and parts according to the client’s specifications and drawings or we make special projects following the client’s final requirements for the manufactured product.

Most parts are manufactured for inhouse purposes, but we can execute custom made molds to be used in the beneficiary’s production activity.

Want to build your own product?

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